Entitlement Management

AMIA Investment strategy focuses on urban markets with high barriers to entry, developing only in prime markets. This enables the company to capitalize our strengths and maximize returns. Working with scarce land supply, especially in California, gives us an advantage as we employ our in-house development, design and construction departments to understand how to minimize entitlement timelines working with city government, analyze construction costs, and manage the development process to minimize risk.

AMIA Investment has extensive experience in working with City and County staff in various municipalities within Los Angeles County. Our experience ranges from city, county and state governments enabling us to understand, vet, and analyze entitlements in order to determine risk prior to acquisition of our properties. This allows us to better manage our land use and architectural consultants ensuring that all requirements, clearances, appropriate permitting, and scheduling follows company standards to mitigate investment risk.

Design Management

Our project management team is traditionally trained as architects and building engineers. This allows us to understand development projects both financially and three dimensionality, giving us a comparative advantage to manage our design consultants. We see design as a key element and the blueprint to a project’s success. We are heavily involved in the design process by engaging our contractor for pre- construction management, as well as including our end product real estate broker to advise on market demands. We follow the traditional steps of conceptual design, schematic design, design development and construction documentation to always exercise value engineering design practices and keep our project lean, prior to executing final construction contracts. During the construction process, we monitor contractor and consultant communication to ensure smooth delivery of investment projects, on-time and on-budget..

Development Management

AMIA Investment is dedicated to the design and construction of exceptional products. The company believes that perfect implementation is achieved by managing all projects in-house. This allows AMIA Investment to assemble the best possible team of experts for each job and maintain chief supervision over the project. We deploy a full spectrum of development services, focusing on opportunities where value can be enhanced through expertise. Our long standing principle is to deliver superior results to our investors by successfully implementing the latest and most innovative construction technology coupled with a proactive resolution to get the job complete on-time and on-budget. Using a strategic bidding process with the most experienced subcontractors in the industry, we minimize construction costs and ensure all jobs are done safely and efficiently. We have on-site development management and scheduled owner-architect-contractor meetings to ensure fluidity of information exchange. We use the most sophisticated project management tools, such as Smartsheets, among other avant garde software technologies, to master company organization and efficiency.