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West Los Angeles, Orange County

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11630 Friar St, North Hollywood, CA 91606 (View on Google Maps)


80-120 Unit Apartment Complex

 The second tier investment will be focused on 80-120 unit apartment building. This project would be the gateway to large scale commercial real estate development market. This project is designed with the intention to fulfill multiple objectives. First, for sizable commercial development, AMIA investment team need to work with multiple resources and perform financial and development feasibility study. Permitting and entitlement process in City of LA/ Orange county and County of LA is becoming overly challenging to acquire therefore selection of planning team is very important. AMIA Investment would be responsible for entitlement of the project. Due to size of the project AMIA Engineering would have a great chance to collaborate with a high profile Architect/Engineer and Interior designing team for planning of the project.  Construction team will be brought early on to the project to work closely with planning team. During the construction, AMIA Investment in house consultants would further expand their experience to work with the construction management team as a developer representative and after construction, the collaboration with tenant and building and maintenance management and asset management as a whole would be a necessity for starting the larger and more comprehensive future project 2.

Overview of the Apartment Complex

This development project will be planned for major metropolitan area with high resident density, stable rental market. The development will target young professionals and will be packed with dazzling amenities and features that demographic of young professional and small families with average income level are demanding. Construction type would be similar to conventional Mixed Use/Multifamily developments with 2 story subtraction parking garage, one story lobby, gym, pool and amenities and retain and 5 story wood framed apartments above first level concrete podium.

Amenities and Common Spaces


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$40M to 60M

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